DJ Robbie Leslie Bio

Robbie Leslie is idely recognized as one of the top disc jockeys in the nation, Robbie Leslie has been performing on the international circuit for over 25 years.

Leslie started his career on Fire Island at the legendary Sandpiper (now the Pavilion) in the Pines. From there he moved on to New York City, where the list of clubs at which he regularly performed reads like a "Who's Who' of Big Apple nightspots: The Saint (and subsequently the Saint-At-Large), Studio 54, Underground,Private Eyes, Palladium, the Red Parrot, 12 West and the Ice Palace. He also made numerous guest appearances at Trocadero Transfer and Dreamland in San Francisco; Axis, Probe and Studio 1 in Los Angeles; Numbers and Heaven in Houston; Club St. John in San José; the Pavilion, Botel and Ice Palace on Fire Island; Roxy and Octagon in New York; Heaven in London, and clubs in Australia, Denmark, Canada and Puerto Rico. He has taken his musical talents aboard several prestigious cruise lines.

Leslie is perhaps most renowned for spinning his magic at special Circuit Parties - Extravagant theme parties and benefits created for one night in anything from abandoned warehouses to famous museums. Events of note include the Saint-at-Large White parties, the White Party at Vizcaya in Miami, The Red Party in Columbus, A.P.L.A. Garden Parties in Griffith Park and at Universal Studios Backlot, Spring to Life at the Post Office Pavilion in Washington D.C., All That Glitters in San Diego, the Hotlanta River Expo in Atlanta, Pride at The Pier in Ft. Lauderdale, Fantasy Fest in Key West and a wide variety of major events in venues such as the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the Mayan Theatre in Los Angeles and the Civic Center and Galleria in San Francisco. He has also appeared at events in Long Beach, Maui, Boston, Houston, Aspen, Tampa, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Hartford and Charleston. In 1988 he had the honor of playing the final set at The Saint's fourty hour closing party, and in 1989 and 1990 he presided over the Mardi Gras festivities at New Orleans' famous Bourbon Pub.

As the featured disc jockey at New York City's Pier Dance celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Gay Pride, Leslie played to a record breaking crowd of over 12.000! He topped that number in 1997 while playing the post-parade celebration at San Francisco's Embarkadero-- 20.000! Recently he was honored by the industry and his peers with the National Hi-Energy D.J. of the Year award, sponsored by Dance Music report. He received the Dixie Award for D.J. of the Year in 1993. In October 1999 Leslie was presented with the third annual DJ Music Award for his lifetime contribution to the world of dance music.

He is a nine-year veteran of the original Copa Ft. Lauderdale and was the Friday DJ at Twist, South Beach for three years. Featured in the new book Looking For The Perfect Beat -- the art and culture of the DJ, by Kurt B. Reighley (ISBN 0-671-03869-9), Robbie Leslie currently spins his magic at various South Florida clubs and national circuit events on a regular basis.